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Online Birth Control Refills & Women's Health

The fast, easy, & discreet way to refill your birth control - or get prescription treatment for UTI's, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, & select STI's.

  Discreet Online Treatment Available On-Demand

  Fast Prescriptions from Licensed Providers

  No Video or Phone Call Required

Treatment now available for female patients, age 18-65.


Prescription treatment provided when appropriate as determined by a licensed physician. Services available exclusively in the United States of America - limited to the states of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio & Illinois.

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Vive Health offers fast & convenient treatment options for urinary tract infections.

If you're suffering from the discomfort, pain, and inconvenience associated with a urinary tract infection (UTI), Vive Health may be able to help. At Vive Health, our platform delivers a private, convenient, affordable, fast, and easy path to treatment for some individuals experiencing the symptoms of a UTI. To find out if we can help you today, click the link below to start your visit online.

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How it Works

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Answer Questions

When prompted, provide answers to questions regarding your condition.

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Connect with Provider

Receive a diagnosis and treatment plans from a qualified healthcare provider.

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Prescribed Medication

Pick up any prescribed medication at your local pharmacy!

"...about 10 minutes or so later I received an email with the Doctor’s directives and a list of the prescriptions I was being allowed. All I had to do was choose my pharmacy off the map and it automatically sent them. The entire process is easy to manage, and is professional on every level."
Satisfied Patient
Love how simple and accessible this was- definitely not the norm in healthcare, especially with the current staffing shortages and other strains on the system.
Satisfied Patient
This is way more efficient and even cheaper than actually going in person to the doctor for most general visits. Great service and app!
Satisfied Patient
From the time I started the online interview about my UTI symptoms to the time I got my treatment plan with antibiotics sent back to me, took literally only 10 minutes!
Satisfied Patient



Affordable & Transparent Pricing

We're here to provide a fast and efficient diagnosis and treatment plan tailored just for you. With our simple online platform, you can answer a few questions about your symptoms and medical history, and in under an hour, a qualified healthcare provider will review your details and deliver a personalized treatment plan.

The best part? This swift, top-notch care is available for just $39.99 – no insurance necessary. Plus, to make your life easier, we'll order any prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of your choice, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free experience.

With Vive Health, long waits and the inconvenience of traditional in-office visits are things of the past. Welcome to a new era of fast, affordable, private, and convenient UTI care!"

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Refill your Birth Control Prescription


Fast & Easy Birth Control Prescription Refills

The Vive Health platform offers a convenient and effortless way to request a refill of your prescribed medications. Simply answer a few brief questions to easily obtain refills for your regular medications. Choose your preferred pharmacy and collect your prescription in as little as an hour.

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Enjoy fast, discreet, & affordable treatment for UTI, Bacterial Vaginosis, or STI - or request a refill for your birth control prescription.

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